HI, i’m eddie duarte

Session Musician, Performer and Tutor

New album coming soon

About me

Composer, arranger, instrumentalist, session player and artist; Eddie Duarte has been a professional in the music industry since 1999. Eddie is a naturalised Australian artist. Eddie is a naturalized Australian artist. Being nominated as a Distinguished Talent by the government of Australia. Throughout his career, Eddie has achieved radio exposure for some of his own arrangements and worked as a session musician in multiple studio environments.

Teacher with over 18 years of experience in music teaching

I have rarely seen such comprehensive representations from respect people attesting someone being a serious professional musician/producer who is well placed to contribute to Australia’s musical life.
(Dr Paul Santilan – from Music Australia)

All performers that work with Eddie is a musician with outstanding skills and who is prominent amongst his peers.
(Colin Whright – Master Music Technology Teacher at TAFE)

Eddie is without question one of the finest musicians and soloists that had participated of ‘s shows. Eddie Duarte is an asset to the Australian music industry. He is a pleasure to work with and always shows exceptionally high standards of professionalism as a performer.
(Hot 91.1 radio)

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